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The grandson of Wadih al-Safi Bakhaldun mentioned him

The duo Charbel and Jad El Safi performed a magical party with various songs, at the late Abu Bakr Salem Theater, during the Riyadh Season, to show their creativity in playing and singing in different dialects. After the end of the party, they declared in the press conference about their beginnings, and explained the secret of mastery of the Gulf dialect and their love for it.

Where the duo described the city of Riyadh as more than wonderful, and Charbel confirmed the success of the party by saying: “We heard great echoes about the party as soon as it started, and thank you to Mr. Turki Al Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, for providing the opportunity, and we also thank the organizing company, Bench Mark, for its most wonderful organization “.

As for the beginnings of their artistic career, Charbel indicated that he started from a small corner of the house by playing the violin or the oud, and Jad joined him by playing the piano, and they sang in a musical way through which they complement each other, and after publishing more than one video, they reached the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki. Al-Sheikh, who liked to encourage them with a distinctive start from the Saudi theater.

The duo also confirmed that they are good at playing foreign and Arabic songs, but they only sing in Arabic at the moment. Jad also confirmed his ability and love for distributing songs, and Charbel confirmed that acquiring their talent was through the genes they acquired from their grandfather, the artist Wadih El Safi, but they developed it to suit their own style, stressing that he loves to He listens and learns to develop continuously, whether in the Lebanese or Gulf languages, indicating that he listens a lot to the artist Talal Maddah and the artist Muhammad Abdo, and added: “I am distinguished by the fact that I hear and master dialects quickly,” while Jad confirmed that he tends to Fayrouz’s songs.

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