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The heroine of the series The Traitor in a scandalous scene

Bold scenes have become widespread in Syrian and Arab works, the most recent of which is the appearance of the Syrian artist Sulafa Mimar in the series “Al Had”.
This, after the first episode of the work starring Mimar was shown on the Shahid platform, it appeared with strong and bold scenes.
Among those scenes was her wearing a bathrobe and sitting in the arms of her husband, Khaled Al-Zein, who appeared naked in an intimate way.
The Syrian artist raised the astonishment and anger of a large number of Arab audiences with these clips that crossed red lines.
A large number of Sulafa Meamar’s fans also expressed their annoyance at her appearance in “Ala Had” while she was in the arms of the Lebanese actor Rodrigue Suleiman.
They stressed that these scenes are now widely present in every new work, accusing the makers of creating such scenes in order to attract attention.
A large number of followers asked to stay away from those intimate scenes, which might make the work fall from their eyes because of those scenes.
Sabah Al-Jazairi, Ali Mneimneh, and a large number of artists participate in the series “Al Hadd”, alongside the Syrian artist Sulafa Mimar.
In a related context, Memaar apologized for participating in the third part of the series “Haret Al-Qubba” as Umm Al-Ezz, with director Rasha Sharbatji.

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