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The Iranian Minister of Culture was nominated by acclamation via a secret letter

A leaked message addressed to the Guardian Council has occupied the Iranian streets during the past hours.
The letter sent secretly by a number of ministers of the current government to the Guardian Council sparked great controversy, especially as it refuted the candidacy of the Minister of Culture, Mohamed Mehdi Ismaili, for the presidential elections.
He will say that the signatories affirmed that “Ismaili has sufficient wisdom to manage the next government on the path of a major government, if it is supported and chosen by the Iranian people.”
While Iranian websites reported that the ministers signed the letter under pressure from Esmaili himself, and Mohsen Mansouri, Vice President for Executive Affairs.
Despite the government’s attempt to challenge its authenticity, the official IRNA agency’s criticism of its leak proved its authenticity, according to what was reported by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.
While an official source explained, “The letter is a legal certificate for members of the Guardian Council, to confirm the eligibility of one of the candidates for the elections, and it is intended only to be presented to the members, and it was not intended to be published in the media,” according to what was reported by “IRNA.”
He also added, “The responsible authorities must investigate how this message was obtained and published by some media figures with security and judicial records.”
It is noteworthy that, according to the announced numbers, 80 people submitted applications to run for president of the country to succeed Ibrahim Raisi.
It is expected that the papers of all those who applied will not be accepted, as the Guardian Council will soon announce a shortlist of candidates.
All candidates wishing to run in the elections must first obtain the approval of the 12-member Guardian Council.

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