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The Israeli authorities provoke Christians before the holidays

Today, the Israeli authorities prevented about 200 Christians from the Gaza Strip from going to the city of Bethlehem to participate in the Christmas celebrations.
Kamel Ayad, the media director of the Orthodox Church in Gaza, was quoted by the Palestinian News Agency as saying, “The church sent a list to the Civil Affairs Authority with the names of 800 people who want to go to the West Bank to celebrate Christmas, but the occupation rejected the names of 200 of them under flimsy pretexts,” as he described it.
In a statement issued today, Hamas announced its denunciation and condemnation of the Israeli authorities’ prevention of “Palestinian Christian citizens in Gaza from celebrating their holidays and religious occasions,” describing the move as racism and a violation of the freedom to practice religious rites.
About 1,500 Christians live in the Gaza Strip, out of a total population of about two million, according to the agency’s information.

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