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The latest health news for Angham

The artist has been a health agency that has led to a hospital for a hospital and an urgent surgery, amid invitations for urgent recovery by a large number of celebrities and loved ones. The official page of the artist Angham was published through “Enstegram” an urgent statement issued by the Office of its Business Administration. “The artist has suffered a munitions that led to their detention in the hospital, and are currently under care. The concerts canceled, and the statement also stressed that Mungs have tried to meet their technical commitments, Her audience in the coming period, but the medical complications has had a significant impact, and the medical team has been forced to keep it in hospital under medical supervision for a longer period. The business administration has been an apology for anyone who is declared in an indefinite, And confirmed an apology for Agham on the submission of any two concerts for the stability and reassurance of them. The statement concluded with the request of the supplication to be tired of urgent recovery. According to the news – is confirmed by a formal source Or close to artist Angham -, whether on communication platforms or some websites, melts have conducted a serious process in the uterus, resulting in significant complications, and its impact is fully erased, and with a paralysis of intestines. The artist was mounted by a healthy manner over the past period, with a minute-shoulder process. Angham said in a telephone intervention in the” Taleh “program, which is offered by Amr Adib, if there is an Egyptian doctor working in Germany, It has two surgical operations at the same time, the first accurate shoulder surgery, after suffering from severe pain continued for many years.

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