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The latest news of the Syrian city of Aleppo after the earthquake

Today, many buildings in Aleppo, in the Ashrafieh neighborhood, are being demolished on the verge of falling by the public safety teams.

There are many buildings that have been evacuated in Al-Firdous, Al-Salihin, Al-Shaar, Salah Al-Din, as well as Al-Ashrafiya and Bustan Al-Zahra.

There are also many complaints that have been raised through social media regarding aid in the Al-Bassel Sports Center, which is close to the university and in the Al-Mugambo neighborhood. There are now about 450 people who have been displaced from the damaged areas and cracked buildings in Aleppo Governorate, and all the needs of the people have been met. “Towels, blankets, mattresses, foodstuffs, and medicines.” Ambulances belonging to teams from the Republic of Iran are also located inside the center.

Despite the arrival of large quantities of infant formula to the city of Aleppo, the need for this item remains great and we need more of it because there are large numbers of children and they are in dire need of milk.

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