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The launch of the media event is here, Beirut

Under the slogan “Here is Beirut”, the events that were delayed for several months due to the earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey were launched, punctuated by the Lebanese national anthem, a screening of the movie “Here is Beirut”, a short film produced by Lebanon TV, and the announcement of the provisions of the Beirut Document 2023, by 11 media professionals from various media outlets. And a number of words, in addition to a concert by the soprano, Heba Al-Qawas.

The Lebanese Minister of Information, Ziyad al-Makari, told the agency, “Lebanon is going through difficult circumstances, and there is a challenge facing the Lebanese media. Today, it has an opportunity to prove itself and restore its position in the Arab world. Beirut, the capital of the Arab media, is a well-deserved title. We feel happy because we had the opportunity for people to see that we have what befits Beirut.” “.

The deputy in the Lebanese Parliament and the head of the Parliamentary Information and Communication Committee, Ibrahim al-Moussawi, said, “This is a very important event because it gives Beirut some of its rights. Beirut is a deserving and dedicated capital. It is a platform for freedom, right and truth. Therefore, when we celebrate and launch this activity, we have given Beirut its right and crowned it.” On a throne that no one can dispute about.

And the head of the executive office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, Mujahid Abu al-Hail, stated that “it is not a favor from us in the Council of Arab Information Ministers to choose Beirut, as it is the permanent capital of Arab media and Beirut is a school in Arab media, and there is no large and small Arab station except that there are Lebanese fingers that contributed to its establishment. Beirut should be the capital for the year 2023, and it is also a permanent capital for us, our media, our beauty and our love, and it is a home for all Arabs.

The Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Media and Communication Sector at the League of Arab States, Ahmed Rashid Khattabi, delivered a speech during the celebration, in which he said, “The organization of this celebration is in a positive and promising atmosphere, which falls within the context of crystallizing the decision of the (47th) session of the Council of Information Ministers in 2016, to advance media cooperation in the scope of The goals and directions of the Arab League are appropriate to move forward with this participatory approach, and an encouraging opportunity as well to enhance the spirit of cooperation and dialogue between the components of the Lebanese media, which has a record full of creative giving, commitment and professionalism.

Khatabi praised the efforts of the supporting institutions, considering that “this ambitious project is one of the practical initiatives that aim to advance and develop the Arab media by dedicating openness to national experiences, and highlighting the peculiarities, diversity and richness of Arab cities, similar to the cycles of the past years, starting with Jerusalem, the permanent capital of Arab media, because of its sentimental status.” And a unique spirituality in our hearts, then Baghdad, Riyadh, Dubai and Tripoli, Libya.

It is worth noting that the decision of the Council of Arab Information Ministers in Cairo in June 2021 regarding choosing Beirut as the capital of Arab media came within the scope of firm solidarity with Lebanon following the tragic explosion of the Beirut port, which shook everyone’s feelings.

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