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The life of the artist, George Wassouf, in an eight-episode television series

One of the internet platforms has started showing the TV series “My Career”, which is the first work of its kind that documents the life story of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf, who is very popular in Syria, Lebanon and the Arab world. The bumps and challenges, presented by the work in eight episodes.

The work depicts how Al-Wasouf began his early artistic career since childhood in his country of Syria, when he was nicknamed the “Miracle Child” when he was ten years old. Charismatic par excellence, she gained huge Arab public popularity.

The work is unique with the participation of the star George Wassouf personally in it; If he wanted people to hear his story directly on his tongue, the rumors around him were innumerable. He also singled out his audience with details that not everyone knows about his personal and professional life, and at the end of the work he handed them a trust and a will.

The work is produced by 2PURE Studios, produced by Rudolph Gabr, directed by David Orian, script and dialogue by George Abboud, and director of photography by George Rifi. The roles of George Wassouf, from childhood and youth to the current stage in which he is living, were played by: Child Salim Hayek, actor Amer Fayyad, and Farid Tawfik. The documentary also includes a selection of Lebanese and Arab artists, including Asaad Rashdan, Magdi Machmouchi, Carol Abboud, Elsa Zughaib, Gina Abu Zaid, Raymond Azar, Fadi Abi Samra, Khaled El-Sayed, Joseph Sassin, Charbel Ziada, Joseph Assaf, Hassan Hamdan, Ali El-Zein, Mostafa El Sakka, Joseph Salama, and Nicolas Mezher.

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