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The most advanced Russian air defense system

The commander of the air defense forces in southern Russia announced that the forces of the Southern Military District will receive the latest S-500 air defense system in the next few years.
General Nikolai Gostev “Krasnaya Zvezda” said that the forces responsible for protecting southern Russia from air attacks will receive the S-500 system before 2025.
S-500 air defense system
According to the commander of the Air Defense Forces in the Southern Military District, the S-500 system is primarily intended to destroy radar aircraft (planes that detect targets that need to be hit) and strategic and tactical aviation aircraft.
S-500 missiles attack 10 nuclear warheads
According to the information currently available, the main function of the “S-500” is to repel the missile attack. However, the radar plane may be more dangerous than the ballistic missile, as it determines the targets to be attacked by enemy missiles and planes that launch their attacks according to the guidance of the radar plane.
The air defense forces in the Southern Military District have begun receiving new S-350 systems, and General Gostev stated that the S-350 system can combat helicopters, cruise missiles and drones, that is, it is intended to deal with targets that are not used by S-400 missiles. And the “S-500” against it is feasible

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