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The most important things that happened at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

During the past two weeks, the French Riviera region received a large group of world stars, and the place was buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement due to the 77th Cannes Film Festival, which witnessed the premieres of dozens of anticipated films, and displays of the latest fashion trends on the red carpet. The ceremony included many funny shots and situations that will not go unnoticed. Easily forgotten.
This is how the dog “Messi” caught the attention of the audience at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Festival, and the cameras captured the hero of the movie Anatomy of a Fall, who played the role of “Snoop”, on the red carpet with his French trainer, Laura Martin, and he was wandering around the place in a remarkable manner on the stairs leading to it. To the Palace of Festivals.
The dog received remarkable attention at the festival after standing for 20 minutes in front of the photographers’ lenses. It appeared as if it had been trained to take pictures, in a scene that will not be repeated at international festivals.
A French security guard also sparked widespread controversy because of her method of pushing the stars down the long stairs and preventing them from displaying their looks in front of the journalists’ lenses, in a scene that was repeated many times and created a state of tension and anger among the stars, including the Dominican actress Maciel Taveras, who entered into a verbal altercation and fought with the guard. Which prevented her from spreading her huge white dress with a very long train on which was printed an image of the face of Christ.
American director of the film “Anora,” Sean Baker, also caused a sensation with his reaction and spontaneous movements in front of the camera after winning the Palme d’Or this year, outperforming 21 films. Sean caught attention with his enthusiasm, happiness, and spontaneous way of celebrating the award.
As for the international model Winnie Harlow, she caught attention by appearing on the red carpet in her natural state and without hiding the vitiligo spots that filled her face and body. She shined in a white suit consisting of tight pants and a top, decorated with pearls at the shoulder and bottom of the feet, and she wore a hat handmade from wool-like fabric. .
The director of the film “Me Too”, Judith Goodrich, caused a sensation after she and the entire film crew stood on the red carpet straight and without any movement, contenting themselves with covering their mouths with their hands, in order to raise their voice against sexual assault in French cinema, especially since she had previously accused the two directors. Frenchmen Benoit Jacot and Jacques Doyon raped her when she was a teenager.

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