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The most prominent stages of the life of the star Khaled Al-Fish

He lived a difficult childhood and was denied entry to the Golan because of a work of art.. The most prominent information about the artist “Khaled Al-Qish”

A famous Syrian artist, born in the Golan, began his artistic career by entering the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, and graduated in 2004 to be accepted into the Artists Syndicate after his affiliation in the same year.

His first work was the series “Memories of the Next Time,” which followed him, including the series “The Palestinian Alienation,” which made him widely known in the art scene.

Where “Al-Qish” participated in many different Syrian drama series, the most prominent of which were The Nahl Road – Hot Winter – Madness of the Age – Les Sarab – Al-Zahir Baybars – A Minute of Silence – and the Antara series.

He recorded cinematic contributions, such as the movie Al Identity – Bab Al Shams – The Taste of Lemon

In addition to his dubbed works for the Turkish series, including the series, Love remains – Harem of Sultan – Valley of the Wolves – Black Love – Zahrat Al-Qasr.

The most prominent 10 information about the Syrian artist “Khaled Al-Qish

1- The famous artist “Khaled Al-Qish” grew up in the village of “Baqata” in the occupied Syrian Golan in 1977.

2- “Al-Qish” lived a difficult and cruel childhood, and according to his statements to one of the websites, his childhood that he spent in the occupied Golan, he remembers only the days of demonstrations against the Israeli aggression, and the painful and bitter days.

3- “Al-Qish” moved from the occupied Golan to Damascus to complete his studies at the Higher Institute of Arts, after completing high school at the age of eighteen.

4- The father of “Al-Qish” died in the occupied Golan and was unable to attend his funeral because of the borders that the Israeli colonizer does not open except once a year.

5- “Al-Qish” settled in Damascus at the age of twenty-three, after deciding not to return to the Golan, and this was a reason to prevent him from entering the occupied Golan.

6- Al-Qish graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2003 and began his artistic career directly.

With his participation in the series Memories of the Next Time in the same year, and he became famous for the series “The Palestinian Alienation” the following year.

7- “Al-Qish” participated in many plays, including “Tiamo” and won an award from the Carthage Film Festival in 2009.

8- “Al-Qish” participated in many cinematic works, including the movie “The Identity”, “Bab Al-Shams” and “A Incident on the Road”.

9- The touching song of “Al-Qish” “The Places Miss You” by singer “Mohamed Abdo”, being the favorite song of his mother, who could only visit him in Damascus once before she passed away in the occupied Golan after she was over seventy for the year of February 2019.

10- The artist “Khaled Al-Qish” married a Syrian woman “Yasmine Baakar” from outside the artistic community, and she bore him two sons, an authentic and a Faris.

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