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The Netanyahu government deals a blow to the American-Egyptian-Qatari efforts

The Hebrew “Walah” website quoted an Israeli official as saying that Tel Aviv had given Egypt and Qatar its answer to the ceasefire and prisoner exchange proposal in Gaza, and the demands of the Hamas movement regarding the deal.

The Israeli side, according to what was reported by the site, rejected a large part of Hamas’ demands to complete the deal, the most important of which was the refusal to commit to ending the war after implementing the terms of the agreement, in addition to refusing to withdraw from the corridor that divides the Gaza Strip during the first phase of the agreement, and refusing the return of the residents of the northern Gaza Strip, and expressed its willingness to study Withdrawal from city centers, the Israeli side also refused to discuss lifting the siege on Gaza.

The website quoted the same Israeli official as saying that Tel Aviv is working with Egyptian and Qatari mediators to reduce the gap and conduct serious negotiations.

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