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The New York court owes Trump 34 charges. Does this affect presidential elections?

The jury convicted former US President and candidate for the upcoming election, Donald Trump, in the case of falsification of financial documents of 34 charges.
The New York court judge announced July 11 for sentencing.
The sentence may be commuted or may not exceed a fine or community service, and may be subject to appeal.
But after the trial, Trump said, “This is a shame. I am innocent of charges “.
Trump added: “The real verdict will be November 5 on Election Day.”
Trump accused the verdict of corrupt, and his controversial judge.
The Biden campaign, for its part, expressed support for the resolution by saying “nobody is above the law,” stressing that the only way to remove Trump is the polls.
For his part, the White House spokesman commented: “We respect the rule of law and we have no further comment.”

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