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The Palestinian Prime Minister officially submits his resignation and reveals the reason

The Presidency of the Palestinian Authority announced this evening that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh’s government, by a special decree, and assigned him and his ministers to temporarily conduct the government’s work until a new one is formed.

The Palestinian Prime Minister had announced his resignation verbally last week, before officially submitting it to the presidency of the Palestinian Authority, where he said during his cabinet session that his decision came in light of the political, security, and economic developments related to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the unprecedented escalation against… Palestinians in the West Bank, including the city of Jerusalem.

Today, Shtayyeh said on his Facebook account that the next stage requires new governmental and political arrangements, according to the new reality in the Gaza Strip and the talks to establish a national unity government, and the need for a Palestinian-Palestinian consensus, as he put it.

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