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The personality of the Saudi prince enters history

New memoirs released by former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are included in his book Don’t Give Any Inch – Fighting for the America I Love.

Surprisingly, the book received the attention of American political circles and the media inside and outside the United States, in light of the information it contained on many issues.

In his memoirs, Pompeo strongly defended Saudi Arabia, noting that his diplomatic relationship with the kingdom was irritating the American media.

Pompeo also stressed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a reformer who “will prove to be one of the most important leaders of his time, and a truly historical figure on the world stage.”

Pompeo referred to his visit to Riyadh in October 2018, and said in his book that “what made the media crazier than my vegetarianism in meat is our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

And about Trump assigning him to go to Saudi Arabia, he added that, “In a way, I think the president (Trump) felt envy because I was the one who (teased) (the Washington Post) and (the New York Times) and other cowards who had no connection with reality.”

He also confirmed that Khashoggi’s murder was “outrageous and unacceptable,” but he did not agree that Khashoggi was a “journalist,” criticizing the media that turned him into a “Saudi Bob Woodward.” He believed that Khashoggi was an “activist”.

He recalled that the Trump administration imposed sanctions on 13 Saudi citizens in connection with the Khashoggi case, stressing that “the security relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is very important.”

Pompeo also indicated that the CIA helped Mossad agents flee Iran in February 2018, after these agents succeeded in stealing Iran’s secret nuclear archive from the heart of Tehran, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Pompeo also revealed in his book that India and Pakistan are close to a “nuclear war”.

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