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The Pope of the Vatican denies what is attributed to him

Pope Francis, the Pope of the Vatican, has denied rumors that he intends to resign from office soon, and he also expressed his hope to visit Moscow and Kiev after traveling to Canada later this month.

The Pope said that the idea of ​​resigning at the end of this summer had never crossed his mind, although he reiterated that he might step down one day, as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did in 2013.

The Pope also indicated that his knee problem, which caused him to use a wheelchair for more than a month, and that this problem was caused by a small fracture that occurred when he walked wrong while suffering from inflammation of the knee ligaments, but is slowly improving.

Pope Francis was due to visit Congo and South Sudan this week, but had to cancel the trip, as doctors said he needed more treatment.

Earlier, the Pope said during an interview: “I would like to go to Ukraine, and I wanted to go to Moscow first. We exchanged messages about this.”

The Pope also added: “I may be able to go to Ukraine after I return from Canada… The first thing to do is to go to Moscow in order to help in some way, but I would like to visit both capitals.”

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