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The preliminary outcome of the disaster that befell Syria

Civil defense, firefighting, health, ambulance, and Red Crescent teams, and public sector cadres and vehicles in Aleppo governorate, continued rescue operations, removed rubble, searched for survivors, and treated the wounded.

According to the preliminary statistics of the Aleppo governorate, the number of collapsed buildings in Aleppo reached 36, in addition to the collapse of 3 buildings consisting of four floors in Hayal Kalasa, near Zaid bin Haritha University.

On the sidelines of the emergency meeting of the relief sub-committee, the governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, said: “All activities were mobilized within an expanded operations room in the governorate building to assess the reality, to follow up on the distribution of mechanisms and human, technical and health cadres to the sites of collapsed buildings in the city’s neighborhoods.”

The governor also confirmed in a statement that “temporary housing has been secured for those affected in the residential city of (Hanano) and the Syrian railway buildings, in addition to securing the necessary relief and emergency materials.”

The governor of Aleppo revealed that 150 apartments were secured in the Masaken (Hanano) neighborhood of the city council, and 25 apartments for the railway in the rehabilitation and training building in the Sheikh Taha neighborhood, in addition to 17 schools to secure temporary shelter for dozens of affected families.

He drew attention to directing heavy, medium and light vehicles to all sites of demolished buildings, and continuing the operations of removing rubble, rescue, ambulance and searching for survivors, with the participation of civil defense, fire and ambulance teams, Red Crescent cadres, the Syrian Trust for Development and the City Council, and all public sector mechanisms and support for the people and civil activities.

A devastating earthquake, early today, with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck Turkey and caused aftershocks in several Arab countries, most notably Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. It also killed dozens in Turkey and Syria and destroyed hundreds of buildings in various Turkish and Syrian cities.

As the death toll from the earthquake that struck northern Syria exceeded 326 deaths and 1,042 injuries, with numbers likely to increase as rescue operations continue.

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