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The President of Brazil was prevented from attending the match of his favorite team

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was unable to attend the match of his favorite team Santos against its guest Gremio in the local football league, yesterday, Sunday, because he did not have a certificate of vaccination against the Corona virus.
The match was the first for Santos at home, with fans present, since the outbreak of the virus.
The club stressed the attendance of fans who received the vaccination, or who submitted a negative test result for the Corona virus.
In a video, Bolsonaro said he wanted to watch Santos’ match against Gremio, but was told he needed to be vaccinated before he was allowed to attend the match.
Bolsonaro claimed that he had more antibodies than those who received the vaccine, because he had previously contracted the virus.
Bolsonaro was infected with the Corona virus last year, but he refuses to be vaccinated against the virus so far.
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