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The President of the Palestinian Authority rejects Washington’s request

Mahmoud Abbas rejected an American request to postpone the vote on his country’s membership in the United Nations.

The American website said: “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the request of the Biden administration not to continue working on holding a vote in the UN Security Council to accept Palestine as a full member of the United Nations.”

He added: “Tension, frustration, and lack of trust have increased between the administration of President Abbas and the Biden administration over the past three years. The Palestinian President believes that the administration is not working to advance a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

The sources indicated that the Biden administration has exerted pressure on Abbas and his advisors during the past two weeks to retract their intentions. Palestinian and American officials said that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken raised the issue directly in a phone conversation with Abbas, and other US officials raise it with their Palestinian counterparts almost every day.

Axios also explained that American and Israeli officials said that the Biden administration is trying to prevent the Palestinians from obtaining the required number of votes so that the United States will not be forced to use its veto on the resolution, as the American veto on such a resolution, especially against the backdrop of The conflict in the Gaza Strip would cause sharp criticism of Biden at the international level and within his party, including from some of his supporters.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, linked to the regional interests of both parties, has been a source of tension and fighting in the region for many decades. The UN resolution with the active role of the USSR in 1947 decided to create two states – Israel and Palestine, but only the Israeli state was created.

However, the United States has repeatedly expressed the view that “the issue of full Palestinian membership is a decision that must be agreed upon by Israelis and Palestinians.” Israel, which enjoys the patronage of the United States, has made clear that it is against the full inclusion of Palestine in the United Nations family. According to Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, if the Security Council adopts the resolution, “it will no longer deserve to be called the Security Council – it will have to be called forever a terrorist council.”

Earlier, Agence France-Presse, citing several diplomatic sources, reported that the UN Security Council will vote on Thursday on the issue of Palestinian membership in the organization.

Last week, the UN Security Council referred the Palestinian Authority’s request for full membership in the international organization to the committee responsible for accepting new members.

On April 4, the United Nations Security Council received a letter requesting that Palestine be admitted to the United Nations and recognized as a full member of the world organization.

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