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The return of Israeli internal clashes… Intelligence warned Netanyahu about this matter

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted a senior Israeli intelligence official as saying that they had sent advance warnings to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu twice about the dangerous repercussions of the judicial amendments he insisted on, and that he ignored those warnings.
The newspaper quoted the official as saying that the warnings included that internal tensions would encourage Israel’s enemies in Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas to launch military attacks.
The first of these warnings, according to the newspaper’s source, came on March 19, when Major General Amit Sa’ar, head of the Intelligence Unit, issued a week before the draft judicial amendments were passed in the Knesset, where Netanyahu backed down from that and then returned to passing them in batches.
As for the second warning on July 16, a week before the “reasonableness” clause was passed, which ends the court’s effectiveness in nullifying government decisions.

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