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The Russian ICBM will enter service at the end of the year

Putin announces the entry into service of the Sarmat missile in the armed forces at the end of the year

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed today, Tuesday, that the Sarmat missile will enter service in the armed forces at the end of the year.

Putin added: “A successful test of the heavy intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” was conducted, and the first missile of this type is scheduled to enter combat service at the end of this year.”

And Putin said during a meeting with graduates of military colleges: “We will continue to develop and strengthen our armed forces taking into account potential military threats and risks, on the basis of lessons learned from modern military conflicts, and continue to improve their combat capability.”

Earlier, the commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces said: “The Sarmat ballistic missile is designed to equip Avangard missiles, and it will be able to carry many of these hypersonic units.”

“The latest Sarmat ballistic missile has been created to equip it with hypersonic Avangard warheads, and it will be able to carry many of these warheads,” Colonel-General Sergei Karavaev, commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, said.

The Avangard hypersonic warhead has a speed of Mach 28, or 10 kilometers per second.

Karavaev added, “For Sarmat, this is a different missile system. It is based on a carrier much more powerful than the Avangard. It was created for the combat equipment of the Avangard, as well as for many additional tasks.”

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