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The sinking of Beirut Airport raises irony

Today, Tuesday, a wave of rain hit the Lebanese capital, as the country’s only airport was submerged in torrents.
Rainwater that accumulated in front of the airport building seeped into it and filled its halls, obstructing the movement of passengers.
The scenes, which were described as “shameful” by some politicians, even on social media, spread like wildfire.
The circulated videos also showed a number of travelers confused amid the rising water in the airport lounges, which thousands of Lebanese expatriates often flock to this month in order to spend the Christmas and New Year seasons, despite the miserable economic conditions.
There was also a lot of criticism from tweeters on the X platform. While some of them considered what happened a “shame,” wondering who bears responsibility, others did not express their surprise at the political class, which they described as “corrupt and negligent.”
As for some, there was room for ridicule in these scenes, and one of them commented, writing: “The opening of the Beirut Airport swimming pool and spa!

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