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The star of the Syrian series, Jamil and Hana, announces her return to the decision to retire from acting

Syrian actress Rabab Kanaan announced her return to the decision to quit acting after efforts by some of her colleagues and friends to persuade her to back down from the decision she had taken two years ago, without stating the reason behind it.

 In a post on the social networking site Facebook, Kanaan, 51, announced her readiness to work again in the Syrian drama, thanking everyone who stood with her and supported her.

 Kanaan began her activity in the year 1990 and presented many roles, most notably in the series Jamil and Hana (Personality of a Warda) and the Four Seasons (Maya), with a balance of more than forty artworks between television, cinema and theater, where her last participation was as a director of the play Adrenaline.

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