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The story of the Hollywood escape from Gilboa prison and how he was arrested

Lawyer Raslan Mahajna spoke about what the newly-arrested prisoner Mahmoud al-Ardah told him during his visit, revealing the steps taken by the fleeing prisoners after escaping from Gilboa prison.
Raslan Mahajna also quoted the prisoner Mahmoud Al-Ardah as saying: “We tried as much as possible not to enter the Palestinian villages in the 48th area, so as not to expose anyone to accountability.” During the escape, we had a small radio and we were watching what was happening outside.”
He added, quoting the prisoner: “We tried to enter the West Bank areas, but there were great security reinforcements and strictures, and we were arrested by chance, and no one from Nazareth reported us, as a police patrol passed and when it saw us, it stopped and the arrest was made.”
According to the lawyer, Mahmoud Al-Ardah said: “The investigation continued with me from the moment of our arrest until now…there was no help from other prisoners inside the prison, and I am primarily responsible for planning and implementing this operation.”
He continued: “We started digging in December 2020, until this month… We were very moved when we saw the crowds in front of Nazareth. I salute the people of Nazareth, they raised my spirits.”
The captive continued, saying to Raslan Mahajna: “I assure my mother of my health, and my spirits are high, and I salute my sister in Gaza,” stressing that “what happened is a great achievement, and I am concerned about the situation of the prisoners and the achievements that have been withdrawn from the prisoners.”
And he added, “I salute all the fans of our people for their honorable stance.”

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