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The survival of Saba Mubarak and Bassem Yakhour

Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak and Syrian star Bassem Yakhour survived a certain death after a real mine exploded while filming the last scenes of the series “The Night of Fall” in Iraq.


According to a statement by the company Without Borders for Artistic Production, which produces the series “The Night of Fall,” a real mine exploded on the site of the series’s filming in the Iraqi city of Mosul.
The company confirmed that all the workers in the series escaped death and that there were no injuries.
The company also indicated that some photographic equipment was damaged as a result of the explosion, and they were replaced to finish filming the work in preparation for its presentation early next year.
The company added that the mine was a remnant of the battle for the liberation of Mosul, and almost hit the work team, but the explosion only affected the cameras in the old city in the Mosul area.
And the company’s official statement stated: “He witnessed the last day of filming the series “The Night of Fall.” A mine explodes during filming in the Old City in the Right Coast region of Mosul, Iraq. It is the place that witnessed the battle to liberate Mosul from the terrorist organization ISIS at the hands of the Iraqi forces. The explosion did not result in any casualties.”
The producing company indicated that the work provides documentation of the tragedies that the Arab world has witnessed. She also added that the photography budget exceeded 5 million dollars, due to the use of the latest cameras, as well as cooperation with high-level photography directors.
The company said that the action battles were executed in a real way. Special equipment was also used to photograph the explosions that took place.
Filming lasted for more than 122 days, until the work came out in a picture worthy of documenting real important events. The company also indicated that the filming took place in the cities of Mosul, Erbil and Dohuk.
According to the statement, it took 3 years to prepare for the series “The Night of Fall”. The producing company allocated a huge budget to present it at the highest level, as it chose a distinguished bouquet of the most important stars of the Arab world, comprising more than 130 male and female artists, including Saba Mubarak and Basem Yakhour.

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