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The Syrian army is using rocket launchers effectively

Elements of the Syrian Arab Army began training simulating real combat in the southwest of the country.
Alexei Zakharov, the representative of the Russian forces in Syria, revealed that the Syrian army members carried out their new tactical training that simulates the real fighting near the city of As-Suwayda in southwest Syria under the supervision of the Russian trainers who praised the success of the Syrian army elements in achieving the training objectives.
The training activities conducted by units of the Syrian armed forces, including rocket launchers, mortars and tanks, included the Syrian forces’ liberation of the town from the militants’ control.

The trainees also made use of the drones that were used, for example, to bombard the hypothetical enemy’s sites with rocket-propelled grenades. It also made it possible to use the rocket-propelled grenades effectively.
Omar Ali, the representative of the Syrian armed forces, also explained that the launcher can fire about 40 missiles simultaneously, but it is not necessary for them to do so always because the information they obtain from the drones, which determines the extent of fortification of the sites to be hit, allows them to be satisfied with launching One or two missiles to destroy the site.

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