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The Syrian president receives a telegram from his uncle

Rifaat al-Assad, uncle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, sent a congratulatory message to his nephew after his victory in the recent presidential elections in Syria.
Duraid al-Assad, son of Rifaat al-Assad, published the text of the telegram in which he wished the Syrian president success and success in leading Syria in these difficult times.
And Rifaat al-Assad said in his telegram: “Today the Sharif and his people are victorious, and I cannot help yet, as I have seen you as a generous lover, and as I have entrusted you, praise be to God, except that I send today my sincere congratulations on the occasion of your obtaining the confidence of our great people for your re-election.”
Rifaat al-Assad had cast his vote in the presidential elections within the electoral center opened by the Syrian embassy in Paris.

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