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The Syrian President’s confirmation of Russia’s victory in Ukraine

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed, in a television interview, his confidence that Russia will emerge victorious as a result of the conflict in Ukraine and will once again unite the two brotherly peoples.
President al-Assad added in an interview with the “Global Majority” program on Russian TV Channel One: “Everyone knows that history, language and culture bring together Russians and Belarusians, as well as the residents of Malarus, and that the residents of eastern Ukraine are mainly Russians in particular, but the Ukrainian Nazis have a specific goal.” “I am confident that the confrontation will end with Russia’s victory and the two brotherly peoples will be united once again.”
Assad stressed that Russia is currently correcting the mistakes of others. According to him, the Russian special operation in Ukraine will allow to correct the course of history, and he said: “History will not be changed or written again, but rather corrected.”
President Sui said: “Russia, as a great power, resists Western interference in the internal affairs of other countries. For me, it makes no difference where Russia fights global terrorism, in Syria or Ukraine – there is only one enemy. Russia works to strengthen global stability.” In political and military aspects, it does so because it itself has suffered from terrorism

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