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The Syrian province of Idlib soon to the bosom of the homeland

The governor of Idlib, Thaer Salhab, stated that the return of all the cities and villages of Idlib province to the bosom of the Syrian state is “closer than ever.”

The governor of Idlib said: “Soon, the militants’ control over the villages, cities, and towns in which they entrench themselves in the northern and northwestern countryside of the province will end.”

Governor Salhab added: “We receive daily dozens of messages and appeals from civilians who are in the areas controlled by terrorist organizations in the countryside of the governorate, demanding the return of the Syrian state institutions, the entry of the Syrian Arab Army, and their liberation from the oppression and practices of these armed gangs that kill, kidnap, arrest civilians, impose royalties on the population, and steal their property.” under false pretenses.” confirmed:

Where some of the complaints we receive refer to the militants of “Al-Nusra” and its sisters stealing foodstuffs and humanitarian aid provided by international organizations, which enter through crossings controlled by the militants, where these organizations sell these materials in some markets, while a large part of them is smuggled to the lands Turkish.

Salhab also continued: “It is no secret to anyone that the Syrian state, in coordination with its Russian ally, is making no political effort to ensure the return of all the lands of Idlib governorate to its normal state, and to save the thousands of families who are currently in the areas controlled by the militants.”

The Syrian state has worked during the previous years to open humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of civilians from the areas under the control of the militants towards the areas under the control of the state, and the armed groups have always prevented them from leaving and blocking the roads leading to these crossings and closing them with barricades, and they have also arrested dozens of them when they tried to reach the crossings.

And the governor stated that “terrorist organizations are working hard to keep civilians and detain them within their areas of control, which achieves a set of goals for them, foremost of which is their use as human shields in any military operation to liberate Idlib regions, and they also benefit from them in obtaining aid from international organizations, and stealing and selling them later.” “.

As for the reality of the villages, towns, and cities liberated by the Syrian army with the support of the Russian Air Force in rural Idlib, Salhab confirmed that nearly 60,000 people have recently returned to these areas after the Syrian government secured all their needs in terms of infrastructure, electricity, water, health centers, and schools.

The governor added, “Until now, the service agencies in the province are still working to restore full life to the areas liberated by the Syrian army.”

Recently, work has begun to secure the return of the people to the strategic city of (Maarat al-Numan), and we, as a service team, are securing all the basic elements for the return of the people to it in an accelerated manner.

Salhab concluded his speech by saying: “The Syrian state has all options, whether political or military, according to what is imposed by the reality on the ground, but it is certain that Idlib will fully return to the embrace of the homeland and soon.”

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