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The Taliban prevents women from entering the campus of an Islamic university

The new advisor of the “Taliban” movement at Kabul University revealed that women will be prevented from entering the campus, indefinitely, whether as teachers or students, “.
Muhammad Ashraf Ghirat wrote in a tweet via Twitter: “As long as there is no real Islamic environment for everyone, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Islam first.”

One of the lecturers commented on the decision, saying that “in this holy place there was nothing un-Islamic… Presidents, teachers, engineers and even mullahs are trained here and they are gifted to society,” considering that “Kabul University is the home of the Afghan nation.”
Two weeks ago, the American newspaper said the Taliban replaced the president of Kabul University, the country’s premier college, with another, a 34-year-old supporter of the movement, who considered in a previous statement that the country’s schools are “centers of prostitution.”
“We have no hope, the entire higher education system is collapsing,” said Hamid Al-Obaidi, a former spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education, who was a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism at Kabul University.

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