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The Tunisian president assigns a woman to form a government for the first time

An unprecedented decision in the country’s history. Today, Wednesday, Tunisian President Kais Saied assigned Najla Bouden Ramadan to form the government.
The Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia also confirmed, in a statement published on its Facebook page, that President Saeed commissioned Najla Boden, excommunicated Ramadan, to form a government, “providing that this be done as soon as possible,” and that “in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Order No. 117 of 2021 dated September 22, 2021 regarding by exceptional measures.
Najla Bouden, consort of Ramadan, will become the first woman to head the government in the history of Tunisia.
While receiving Mrs. Boden in his office, Saeed expressed his aspiration to work with her to eradicate corruption and “the chaos that pervaded the state in many institutions.”
And Najla Boudin Ramadan, born in 1958 in the state of Kairouan, is a professor of higher education at the National School of Engineers in Tunisia specializing in geology sciences, and she is currently running a plan tasked with implementing World Bank programs in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
In 2011, this woman was appointed Director-General in charge of quality in the Ministry of Higher Education, and she also held the position of Head of the Purpose-Based Unit in the same ministry.
This comes against the backdrop of the escalating political tensions in Tunisia, since President Said’s decision on July 25, while chairing an emergency meeting of the military and security leaders at the Carthage Palace, to relieve former Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post, while approving a package of exceptional measures in the country, including freezing Parliament’s work and the lifting of the immunity of MPs.

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