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The UAE raises its alert level in anticipation of the weather

The UAE announced raising the level of alert and readiness of the national system to deal with the weather situation the country is witnessing, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the response and provide the necessary support at the national and local levels.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority revealed that after a series of meetings of the Joint Evaluation Team for Weather and Tropical Situations, which were held under the chairmanship of the Authority and with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, the National Center of Meteorology and relevant government agencies, the need to activate business continuity plans and continue monitoring and evaluation of the situation was emphasized. Weather conditions and their effects on all regions of the country, according to what the Emirates News Agency, WAM, reported on Wednesday.

Based on the expected weather condition, the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the National Emergency Management Authority, recommended activating the distance learning system for Thursday and Friday for all educational institutions, provided that the decision is taken by the competent authorities at the federal level and the leaders of the local emergency, crisis and disaster management teams, each within its jurisdiction and in coordination with The Ministry of Education and the Emirates Foundation for School Education, according to the developments of the situation and its impact.

It was also recommended to activate the remote work system for all government institutions and the private sector for Thursday and Friday, except for vital jobs whose nature requires physical attendance or those that participate in response and recovery work from the depression, provided that the decision is taken by the competent authorities at the federal level and leaders of management teams. Local emergencies, crises, and disasters, each within its jurisdiction, according to the developments of the situation and its impact.

The Interior Ministry, in coordination with the Emergency Authority, also decided to close all roads leading to valley flow areas, watersheds, and dams during the weather condition period.

They called on the public to stay away from these areas and to adhere to the directives of the specialized field teams, and not to go to mountainous, desert and sea areas, at this time, in order to preserve their safety and lives, and the necessity of following all procedures that will be announced by the official authorities, obtaining the correct information from official sources in the country, and avoiding the circulation of rumors and false information. .

It is noteworthy that the National Center of Meteorology had announced that the UAE, starting from Wednesday and Thursday night, will witness moderate to heavy rain falling on various areas, accompanied by lightning and thunder at times, and the possibility of small hailstones falling.

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