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The United Nations reveals the duration of removing unexploded rubble from Gaza

The United Nations revealed that removing the huge amount of rubble, which includes unexploded ordnance left behind by the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, may take about 14 years.
The official at the United Nations Mine Action Service revealed that the organization estimated the presence of 37 million tons of rubble, or about 200 kilograms of rubble per square meter, in the Gaza Strip, which before the war was densely populated and urban.
He pointed out that “removing it will take 14 years,” assuming the use of about 100 trucks.
He also confirmed that the unexploded ordnance was mixed with the rubble, which would greatly complicate the mission.
He also considered that “no less than 10%” of the munitions fired in the conflict do not explode, and thus constitute a constant threat to the population, to the teams responsible for searching the rubble to recover the bodies of the victims, and to the workers tasked with removing the rubble.
He explained that a meeting was held a short time ago in Amman with the United Nations Development Program and non-governmental organizations, devoted to searching for the best ways to deal with this rubble mixed with explosives.
During this meeting, participants sought to estimate the extent of the destruction based on their knowledge of the field and satellite images, as well as their experiences in other regions that suffered similar wars.

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