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The United States and Britain meet

A media report, quoting informed sources, revealed the existence of high-level talks between the United States of America and Britain to enhance cooperation to reduce the possibility of a US war with China due to a “threat to Taiwan.”
According to a report by the Financial Times, the talks began in early March, when Kurt Campbell, the National Security Council’s coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs at the US National Security Council, and Laura Rosenberger, the senior NSC spokeswoman on China, held a meeting With British representatives in Taiwan, according to sources.
The newspaper also noted that during the meeting, the two sides discussed measures to strengthen diplomatic relations between the UK and Taiwan, as well as issues of “promoting inclusion in Asia”. In addition, the question of what role the United Kingdom would play if the United States “finds itself at war with China over Taiwan” was raised.

A British official also told the newspaper that the March talks were the “highest” and “most important” meeting on Taiwan between the US and Britain to date. In his view, the meeting was part of a “deeper political negotiation” that began under Joe Biden’s administration.

The newspaper expressed the view that the talks with Britain are aimed at “completing the most advanced American discussions” with Japan and Australia.

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