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The United States killed itself because of Russia

William Roger, president of the American Institute for Economic Research, said the US sanctions on Russia ended up “shooting at its feet”.

Roger added that sanctions rarely lead to the fact that states aim to “change their behaviour.” But you can’t force heads of state to give up what they consider most important to their vital national interests. In the case of Russia, this is the situation in Ukraine.

According to Roger, under sanctions, Russia increases its income from the sale of energy resources, and this is another case of “unintended consequences” that were the result of “incorrect actions”.

He added, “We were told of all these yachts that we confiscated, and then we had to pay for their maintenance. This is just a small example. However, we see this in the case of oil prices, in the case of food prices. And then, the United States says before our eyes: As you know, we need to provide support for global food aid.”

Roger revealed that the situation with sanctions seemed “very predictable”, as scholars have studied the issue for decades and found that pressure policy “does not help much” often, concluding, saying: “I repeat. Everything is very predictable. And the typical picture we see from The current administration is policy decisions that seem to benefit American taxpayers or people abroad, but in reality are shooting in the foot.”

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