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The US Congress supports an arms deal to Israel

The Washington Post revealed that two Democratic members of the US Congress agreed to support an arms sale to Israel that includes 50 F-15 fighter jets worth more than $18 billion.
The American newspaper reported that Representative Gregory Meeks and Senator Ben Cardin signed the deal under intense pressure from the administration of President Joe Biden after the two lawmakers postponed the sale for several months.
Eric Harris, communications director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said: “Any issues or concerns for Cardin have been addressed through our ongoing consultations with the (Biden) administration, which is why he felt it was appropriate to allow this issue to move forward.”
In turn, Meeks told the newspaper that he was in close contact with the White House and urged them to put pressure on Israel regarding humanitarian efforts and civilian casualties, noting that F-15 aircraft would not be delivered for “years from now.”
Biden is under increasing pressure from members of his Democratic Party over his unlimited support for Israel in its eight-month war on Gaza, which has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians and displaced nearly 2.3 million people.

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