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The value of the imaginary release clause in Mbappe’s contract with Real Madrid

A Spanish report revealed the value of the release clause in the contract of Frenchman Kylian Mbappe, who moved from Paris Saint-Germain to Spanish Real Madrid.
A report by Spanish Radio Cope said that the value of the release clause in Mbappe’s contract amounts to one billion euros, like most of the “Royal Club” stars.
The report also indicated that Mbappe will receive an annual salary of up to 30 million euros, in addition to bonuses linked to goals and performance, making him the highest-paid player in Real Madrid. Mbappe will receive 70 percent of the rights to sell his images for marketing and commercial purposes, and the remaining percentage will go to the Spanish club. .
The specialized French journalist, Julien Laurent, had revealed that Mbappe would receive 150 million euros as a “reward for signing” the contract to join the “Merengue.”
It is noteworthy that the amount will be given to Mbappe over the duration of the contract, which is 5 years.
The value of the “signing bonus” from clubs to players usually increases when the transfer is free and does not cost the club anything, which is the case with Mbappe’s transfer from Saint-Germain to Real Madrid after the expiration of his contract.
It is expected that Mbappe will be unveiled in a Real Madrid shirt, in a huge ceremony, which will be held after the end of the 2024 European Cup in mid-July.

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