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The video of the Syrian actress” Heba Nour” is fabricated. And that’s how the forgery took place!

A few days ago, a video of Syrian actress Heba Nour in a bold position in a car with a young man went viral, with the video’s social media circulating that she added the video as a story on her Instagram account before deleting it.
However, private sources revealed to Profile News in detail how the video was falsified, as a previous video published by the actress about two weeks ago was used to show the shape of the face at the same angle from which the previous video was filmed, and it is installed on the body of the real character.
The Syrian actress was subjected to a wide discrediting campaign by circulating the video widely among social media users, as the artist’s legal adviser confirmed that the video was fabricated using artificial intelligence technology, while the video was fabricated using technology:
Face replacement in video using a still image and Face Tools – After Effects tutorial
Forgery detection is needed for programs that run on the basis of frame by frame

Details of forgery in the following video, and the forgery technique within the next video:


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