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The work of the British government continues despite the resignations

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that his government will continue to operate, despite the resignation of a number of ministers in protest of the actions of Johnson, who recently tried to apologize for the latest scandal of his government related to a complaint about sexual misconduct against one of his ministers.

Johnson said, during his accountability session in the British House of Commons: “There are no circumstances that prevent the government from continuing its work and our job is to work in difficult circumstances.”

Johnson also added: “We have a plan to deal with crises, we are making efforts in several areas, and we will continue our work to achieve more results.”

The Ministers of Childhood, Health, Treasury, Education, Justice and Economic Secretary to the British Treasury John Glenn had submitted their resignations in earlier times.

These developments come in the wake of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s admission of a mistake in the crisis of accusations leveled at an official of the ruling Conservative Party in the House of Commons.

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