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The world’s first flying car enters the testing phase

The world’s first flying car prototype has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, bringing the Samson Sky Switchblade into actual testing.

The initial design of the winged, three-wheeled vehicle can fly at a speed of 322 km / h and when it is on the ground with its wings and tail folded, they open within three minutes before takeoff, and it can fly for 722 km before it needs a 113-liter fuel tank to fill it.

While on the ground, the Switchblade on its three wheels, 16.8 feet (5.1 meters) long and 6 feet (1.8 meters) wide, is small enough to fit in a parking garage.

According to the Oregon-based company, 2,100 people from 52 countries and all 50 US states have placed orders when it is finally approved for sale.

A driver’s license will be required to take the Switchblade on the road, and a pilot’s license needed to fly it.

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