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The world’s first Miss Artificial Intelligence

A virtual artificial intelligence competition was held in order to compete in the Miss Artificial Intelligence pageant, and among 1,500 beautiful women, the Moroccan Kenza Lili won the title, making her the first Miss Artificial Intelligence in the world.
Kenza Lily is a Moroccan influencer who was created by computer, or artificial intelligence, she has an account on the social networking site Instagram, and her number of followers reaches 190,000 followers. She became the winner of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, and the team behind Kenza beat out the competition from among… Another 1,500 women were also computer-generated, and received a prize money of $13,000.
Upon accepting the award, the creators of Kenza said: “Winning Miss Artificial Intelligence motivates us even more to continue our work in developing artificial intelligence technology.”
Regarding her winning this title, the judges told MailOnline that they were impressed by the advanced technology behind Kenza as well as her convincing “personality”.
As for her, she spoke about winning this title, saying: “I am very grateful to have this opportunity to thank the creators of artificial intelligence, and to passionately defend the positive impact of artificial intelligence.” She added: “This journey has been a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and raising standards to shape our future.” She concluded by pledging her commitment to continuing her mission to empower women around the world, including women in Morocco and the Arab world, and make their voices heard in the technology industry.
Just like the beauty pageants that we all grew up seeing and enjoying, this competition has a beauty queen, there are also two runners-up, and in second place came the contestant – also created by artificial intelligence – the Frenchwoman Lalena, who has 93 thousand followers on Instagram. follower.
The third place went to the virtual Portuguese Olivia C, an influential travel personality who relies on artificial intelligence, and who often displays her trips in different locations around the world, using artificial intelligence.
They will each receive the remainder of the $20,000 prize pool for their efforts.

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