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The worst films of 2024 generate huge revenues within 20 days

Revenues from the new American film Madame Web rose by about $3 million over the past week, bringing the film’s total revenues to $80 million and $182,000 since it was released in cinemas around the world on February 14.
In one hour and 56 minutes, the film tells a story. The events of the film revolve around the character (Madame Web), who has the ability to know everything and see the future. She lives in Manhattan between the present and the past, and over time she is forced to become close to three girls in order to survive.
Although the film received a bad rating from most critics and received a 3.7/10 on IMDb, it achieved 38 million and 41 thousand dollars at the American box office, and 42 million and 141 thousand dollars at the international box office.

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