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There must be a ceasefire in Gaza and there is no peace except with a two-state solution

Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, stressed that Madrid stood on the right side of history.
He said during a press conference of the Arab-Islamic Committee on Gaza in Madrid on Wednesday that “the time has come for a two-state solution.”
He added, “In the presence of a Palestinian state, security will be achieved.”
He also stressed that there must be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
“Peace will only be achieved by establishing a Palestinian state”
For his part, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi described Spain’s decision to recognize the State of Palestine as historic.
He added: “We stand in solidarity with Spain in the face of Israel’s threats.”
He added, “Israel continues to violate international law without retreat.”
He also stressed that “the war in Gaza must be ended and a two-state solution must be moved,” explaining that “peace will only be achieved by establishing a Palestinian state.”
It is noteworthy that the Spanish government adopted yesterday, Tuesday, during a cabinet meeting, a decree officially recognizing the State of Palestine, according to what was announced by the spokeswoman for Pedro Sanchez’s government.
On the other hand, the decision of the three countries aroused the ire of Israel, which withdrew its ambassadors from Madrid, Oslo, and Dublin, and summoned the ambassadors of the three countries to watch video clips showing Hamas members detaining female soldiers.
It also prevented Spain from providing consular services to the Palestinians in the West Bank, and accused it of helping Hamas.
But Madrid did not back down and escalated its criticism of Israel, describing the conflict in Gaza as “a real genocide.”
It is noteworthy that about 144 of the 193 member states of the United Nations recognize the Palestinian state, including most countries of the Global South, Russia, China and India.

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