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This country controls the date market in the world

Iranian media announced that Iran has succeeded in dominating the global date market, thanks to its production and economic policy related to this field.
The Iranian “IRNA” news agency stated that Iran ranked second in the world in date production after Egypt, as it produces 900,000 tons annually, which constitutes about 7.7 percent of total global exports.
The agency pointed out that Iranian dates are among the finest types of international dates and occupies a prominent position among other Iranian products, adding that palm plantations in Iran are abundant in the southern and southwestern provinces such as Ahvas, Baluchistan, Hormuzgan, Bushehr and Kerman.
Iran has exported dates to 70 countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Britain, Iraq, India, Pakistan, China, Chile and Hungary.

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