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This is how Ronaldo responded to “Messi”

Jahir tried to provoke the global star and captain of the Saudi Al Nasr team, Cristiano Ronaldo, during the match of the twoteams yesterday in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup by chanting the name of his historical rival Lionel Messi, but the Don responded to the cheers of the fans in an unexpected way.
When play was stopped during the first half due to the injury of one of the players, fans of the youth team chanted Messi’s name to annoy Ronaldo, but the latter responded with a sarcastic laugh.
In the second half, the fans also tried to provoke the Don in the same way, but he waved with his hands to raise their voices more.
Ronaldo led Al-Nasr team to victory over Al-Shabab team by five goals to two.

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