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Thousands of migrants managed to enter Europe via Belarus before the imposition of a state of emergency at the border

The German Federal Police announced that more than 11,000 illegal immigrants have entered the country since the beginning of the year, coming through the territories of Belarus and Poland.
In a statement on Thursday, the police indicated that as of December 29, 11,213 illegal entry operations related to Belarus had been recorded, but recently a declining trend was observed, due to the state of emergency declared at the border.
She pointed out that the number of illegal immigrants who entered German territory in December decreased significantly, reaching 521 people, compared to 5.3 thousand people in November and 2.8 thousand people last October.
It is noteworthy that thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa have arrived in Belarus in order to cross the borders of the European Union and go to Germany via countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia this year.

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