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Thousands of people protest in central Paris and the police disperse them

Paris police suppressed a massive demonstration in which about 10,000 people participated, denouncing the massacre committed by Israeli forces in a camp for displaced people in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, recently.
They demonstrated yesterday, Monday, after the killing, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, at least 45 Palestinian citizens, most of them women and children, on Sunday night – Monday, in a violent Israeli raid.
In the afternoon, a crowd of demonstrators gathered a few hundred meters from the Israeli Embassy in Paris, chanting, “We are all children of Gaza,” “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people,” “Free Gaza,” or even “Gaza… Paris is with you.” .
During the demonstrations that extended into the evening, tensions were observed between the police and the demonstrators and the firing of tear gas.
The demonstrators also waved Palestinian flags, and the participants wore Palestinian keffiyehs and banners reading: “We do not kill a child, whether Jewish or Palestinian: Stop the bombing, liberate Palestine,” and “Rafah… Gaza… we are with you.”
Others said in their banners: “I am here to protect my people, and to denounce what happened in Rafah. It is the year 2024, there is genocide and our rulers do nothing.”

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