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Tim Hassan celebrates the first anniversary in his own way

The Syrian star Tim Hassan commemorated the first anniversary of the departure of the Syrian director Hatem Ali, who died on the twenty-ninth of December 2020.

Tim posted on his official account on the social networking site “Facebook” a set of photos collected in one image, showing his memories with the late director from the beginning until the day of his death, and Tim said in his comment on the photo: “A year has passed since the painful day, God bless you. He will forgive you, and give patience to all of you who miss you, the first of whom are Amr Ghalia Ghazal and Professor Dala’ Al-Rahbi.. 12-29-2020.”

The picture and comment also received a great reaction from the audience of the Syrian star, who expressed their grief over the loss of director Hatem Ali and the great loss of Syrian and Arab drama.

On the other hand, on the technical level, Tim is preparing during the coming period to shoot the series “Al-Hiba” directed by Samer Al-Barqawi and producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, which will be the end of the famous dramatic series that spanned over five consecutive parts.

The last season of the series “Al-Hiba”, which was titled “Al-Hiba – Jabal”, achieved great success, and achieved high viewing rates. Artist Owais Makhlati for work; Due to disagreements with the producing company.

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