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To get rid of white poison

Sugars have a sweet taste that may make many people “captive” to them and lead to addiction
Since sugars are similar to alcohol, they require discipline and self-control when consuming them. Excessive consumption of sweets may lead to nausea, digestive problems, headaches, lethargy, and changes in the appearance of the skin, according to what was reported on the website of the German “Focus” magazine.
The World Health Organization recommends that the percentage of free sugar in a person’s daily calories should not exceed ten percent. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, that’s the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar – which is roughly the equivalent of about two cups of orange juice.
Here are some tips that may help remove the sugar “poison” from your body quickly:
Hot lemon
Mixing lemon juice with a warm cup of water encourages bile production, which in turn helps stimulate fat burning.
Stay away from dairy products
Digesting milk, yoghurt, cream and cheese is not as easy for the body as sugar. Hence, it is preferable to avoid eating it on the same day with sugar so as not to exhaust the body.
Cold bath
Washing your head under cold water not only refreshes the body, but actually helps stimulate the metabolism, which in turn improves digestion and quickly eliminates toxins by excreting them from the body.
Beware of salt!
Opposites attract, and so do sugar and salt: when you eat salty food, you crave  something sweet. In order to avoid cravings for sugar, it is important to avoid eating salt.
No to sports in this case
Do not burden your body exhausted by sugar with harsh exercises, but rather let it rest and you can suffice with walking

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