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To protect your joints in the winter

When you feel cold, the body limits the amount of blood flowing to the extremities, in order to focus on the important organs, such as the heart and lungs. This means that a smaller amount of blood than usual reaches the joints, which increases pain in the area.
The soft tissues surrounding the joints become less flexible during the cold, so you will feel that your joints suffer from spasm, which increases the pain, so you must overcome the cold. To prevent joint pain in winter, this is done in the following ways:
Dress warmly
Overcoming joint pain in winter can be done by wearing warm clothes, so we advise you to do all of the following:
Wear gloves, a scarf, and heavy clothing.
Wear clothes that cover your knees and feet as well.
Add an extra layer of clothing in case it is very cold, or if you feel cold.
With these tips, you keep your body warm and give it more heat, which reduces the joint pain that you feel.
Drink more fluids
During the winter, your feeling of thirst decreases, but this does not mean that your body does not need water and fluids, so try to drink an appropriate amount of water daily.
Water in particular and fluids in general are a good way to overcome joint pain in the winter, as being dehydrated makes your body sensitive to pain, which leads to increased joint pain.
Maintain your ideal weight
There is no need to sit all day during the winter, watching TV and eating, these things will increase your weight and you don’t have to.
Gaining weight can add burden to the joints, making the pain you feel worse. Therefore, you must maintain weight, as it is an effective means of overcoming joint pain in the winter. Therefore, we advise you to do the following:
Try doing simple exercises at home.
Eat healthy foods and avoid fatty foods.
Drink drinks that have fat-burning properties, such as: sage drink.
Take Vitamin D supplements
Your exposure to sunlight decreases during the winter, and this is normal, but the bad thing is that vitamin D levels also decrease.
Low vitamin D can play a role in your body’s sensitivity to joint pain, so talk to your doctor about the appropriate amount of vitamin D supplements you need.
Wear heavy winter shoes
Rain, snow, and wet ground make falls common during this season, and if you suffer from joint pain, falling will pose a major problem for you and your health.
Make sure before you leave the house that you wear special shoes that give your body full support and reduce your chances of falling, and always look where you put your feet, as these are good guidelines for overcoming joint pain in the winter.
Take fish oil
Add fish oil to your food, as it is rich in omega-3 (Omega-3), which helps reduce the chances of inflammation, thus reducing joint pain.
It is usually recommended to add fish oil to food or take fish oil capsules, but only after consulting a doctor.

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